Dobroduš helps people with a chronic mental health diagnosis to integrate into normal life in society and supports them in overcoming the obstacles and pitfalls of the outside world.

We all need hope and meaning. No one can exist without this. The hope of the weak and of all who need support must never break down.

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Eurodiaconia Mental Health event

4. 8. 2017

From 26 to 27 April 2017, Eurodiaconia held a two-day conference in Glasgow to discuss existing challenges associated with mental health in Europe and the role of social services in addressing these issues. The conference was hosted by Eurodiaconia member the Church of Scotland and was attended by member organizations from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia and Serbia.

Dobroduš aims at adult people with a long-term mental health diagnosis. It activates them and integrates into the society. The goal of the service is to help these people to integrate into the society, to develop their social skills, build their interpersonal relationships and spend their free time actively. The service assists its clients in becoming a part of the normal life of the society. The service is provided in Prague and its close surroundings, by professionals and with the support of volunteers. As a part of the service, pairs - each formed by a client and a volunteer - meet on a regular basis, mainly in the client’s habitual environment.


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